Sewing Projects for the Nursery

So. All I have left is the bird mobile. I think. I also still have to hang art work, so no big reveal yet, but here is the bear, the quilt and the new basket lining! (The baset lining is in the background on the top shelf of the changing table).

I swear I edit these, and then I go to load them and they STILL look too dark! Where in the world is the other half of my breathable bumper? Somewhere in the garage? Wish me luck finding it.

I would say more, but I am completely wiped out after all this sewing. Seriously I just want to fall over. Which is the plan in about 20 min after I get the boy to sleep. Goodnight!

**********UPDATE: The bear was sewn from a pattern I bought at a fabric store, I use the same pattern over and over and so far I have made four bears. It’s very easy for beginners once you do one walk through to get yourself used to sewing terms. You can find more details on how I sewed my first quilt (it’s a bit of a hot mess) in this post: Step by Step on the Quilt. ***********************

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3 comments on “Sewing Projects for the Nursery

    1. MaryMary Post author

      Thanks, Katie! I know, I wanted to do something a little bit bolder, babies love contrast and bright colors plus they show up beautifully as graphic backgrounds for photos! But I was extremely nervous about mixing fabrics. So glad you liked it!

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