When Your Two Year Old Breaks A Leg

2014_09_17-081312a2Okay so first- we were at a birthday party, and there was a bounce house, with a slide. Her favorite thing in life was slides and she will go down any one that is in front of her, but this one was steep. Daddy held her in his lap so he could be sure she wouldn’t fall. Now, we know, that’s not a good idea. Her foot got caught under his leg on the way down and her leg twisted. Apparently it’s one of the most common ways that toddlers break bones. Where is that Wikipedia parenting manual??

I knew immediately that is was broken. I wasn’t feeling panic, or heartbroken, I was completely calm and just glad that having me there was bringing her so much immediate comfort. She eventually calmed down, and stopped crying, but I just knew. She kept coming back to it, pointing it out to us and telling us it hurt a lot. She wouldn’t even try to move it at all or put weight on it and she is an aggressive mover and shaker by nature. She could move the ankle and the knee without pain but her upper shin area was hot and had a really hard lump in it. 2014_09_17-081553a3

So, of course it was the exact time of day where all the urgent care places close. Cause really. I don’t even have to say that, you already know. And plus, I knew she would need an X-Ray anyway so off to the ER we went. She was not down with that and cried all through the five minute lobby check-in. They got us in a room ASAP. Then she happily played on my phone and cried on and off, depending on if the doctor touched her leg, or the X-Ray technician lifted her leg onto the plate, etc, but mostly it was fear of pain, not actual pain. It was not a break through the bone, but a spiral fracture in the center, going down parallel to it. They put on the splint and she loved that. I got soaked. She was good and happy until bed time. And then WOW.2014_08_27-072809ab thl

The first two nights were the worst. She didn’t sleep for more than 20-40 minutes at a time, from 8pm until 3am. Around three she started sleeping for about an hour to an hour and a half. Every time she woke up, she thrashed around screaming bloody murder, I had to hold her down so she wouldn’t hurt herself, until her body forced her to pass out again. She was on Advil and Tylenol around the clock, nothing helped. Nobody was sleeping. Well, unless you count Ben. It was the worst thing ever.

What I didn’t know at the time was that we needed to wait five days for the swelling to go down before they put the hard cast on, so that it wouldn’t cut off her circulation. We were desperate for that cast. 2014_09_17-081345a1

She picked out her own color, and asked the doctor herself- “purple please!” and of course he was charmed. She’s a born charmer, that one. She loved watching him put it on. I happened to have a white Sharpie paint pen laying around for our wooden Height Chart, so we used that to mark up her cute cast with love. Within about a week she was walking around on it, and in the four weeks she had it on, she started to kick balls, try to run, and climb up the slide and go down it herself. If I didn’t have a video of that, I wouldn’t believe it had ever happened.

Actually, life with a cast wasn’t so bad, except that we couldn’t take her to the beach, because of the sand. The park got woodchips stuck under her toes, and it was the height of summer and she couldn’t go near any water. Bathing her was a two person zoo handler kind of job. Her hair got sorta crazy:

2014_09_15-154449a thlSo I take it back, it was no walk in the park. But she did WALK. So that was nice.2014_09_17-081600a4

And here we are, nearly ten days after removal, and walking seems like something she might do in the next two weeks, one would hope. Taking it off was a little scary, There was no guard on the blade at the point of the cast, I could tell he was just feeling it out, and that was hard. The noise scared her and I had to be sure I had both her hands and my arms around her. But, he did an amazing job and it was quick.2014_08_27-072909 thl

So now I have a two year old, who acts like a talking eight month old, who is the size of a three year old. My neck hurts. Scott’s back hurts. Alina wants to “reach” this and needs “up” all the time. It’s not my favorite, but all things considered, I will take it!2014_09_17-121438 thl


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Second Year of Preschool

2014 Ben first day of school comparisonWow what a big year!

We love Ben’s school and this year he starts three mornings a week this year! He is moving to a new classroom with a lot of his friends from last year, but he is keeping one of his teachers, Ms. Marie, and we LOVE her. So that is great. He (thankfully) hasn’t had any issues with the transition and loves school. He has always loved school. Not one day has he ever said he doesn’t want to go, and I am so grateful for that. Because I love it, too.

2014 Ben first day of school blog


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