Our Tribe

Last night we went out to dinner, talked about who knows what, and ended up on the couch watching our wedding video. The kids were screaming from their beds. One of these days they will make signs picketing bed time, no joke. Very typical night.

Watching our Big Day, eight years ago, when we had noooooo idea what this all really meant (thank God) reminded me of all the things I loved about my wedding then. My dress, the music, the food, the dancing. You know, the things you think are sort of important when you’re planning a wedding. I loved my photographer. You can love her too: www.appsphotography.com.2006_0708_153141AB02 2006_0708_170257AA08

Now, looking back, I realize two things. I have only the images from my photographer and the sweet video our friends lovingly gifted us, which has turned out to be one of our most prized possessions. That is all that is left over from all that planning, and the only things you get to keep. Except wait, no- allllllll of our friends and family! Who, again, in the video, and every day, show us how much they love us. 2006_0708_154036AB04 2006_0708_154100AA05 2006_0708_180133AA13 2006_0708_180029AA12 2006_0708_175725AA11 2006_0708_193523AA17 2006_0708_191337AA (2)23

Seriously you guys I could have cried seeing your very young sweet faces dancing with us, laughing along to the speeches, holding each other on the dance floor. You are still here, loving and supporting us through this completely different phase of life they call parenting. And we have more! More friends who love and support us and tolerate our shortcomings. 2006_0708_161227AA01 2006_0708_193015AA27 2006_0708_192332AB26 2006_0708_191620AA (2)25 2006_0708_191417AA (2)24 2006_0708_184918AA (2)20 2006_0708_184755AA (2)19 2006_0708_183150AA18 2006_0708_183104AA06 2006_0708_181407AB16 2006_0708_181030AA15 2006_0708_191028AA (2)22 2006_0708_185046AA (2)21 2006_0708_175343AA10 2006_0708_172121AA09 2006_0708_180439AA14

I just feel spoiled beyond measure to call you my tribe. Thank you all for being there for us that day and today. I hope we show our love and gratitude to you every time you see us. \


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May the Fourth Be With You

We had such a great time this year at our annual fourth of July party, the kids are more fun every year, no baby meltdowns, staying up late like a couple of champs. Even though that’s a little disturbing because they do it so well. They even slept in the next morning, which is so unusual its like seeing a unicorn. I hope your day was just as fun!


Celebrating! from Mary Thomas on Vimeo.

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